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In Part 2 of our USA series, TotalAdventure explores Southern California, though we did foray for a short while into Mexico.


A younger member of the TotalAdventure Team will be starting college in 2019 and had come West to explore some college campuses in Southern California. Spectacular beaches are always nearby. Pictured above is Swami’s  – a world famous surf break in Encinitas.

In the High Desert of the Mojave Desert – Joshua Tree National Park.

Somewhere East of Indio – I-10.

Korean Dinner in Koreatown – Los Angeles.Kimchi, Pork and Beef, Along With Soju – a Korean Firewater.

Black Pacific Pelicans, Soon Learning To Fly.

The Lazy Can Now Be Lazier – LOL.

CA 94 runs along the southern border of California. Note the border fence about 3/4 the way up the mountain. Now imagine installing a 25 foot high cement wall to replace it. Many geographically challenged people in favor of the wall  think that the border is a flat desert for 2000 miles. Not the case. The mountains are much higher in New Mexico and West Texas. Note the power lines crossing the border as much of the Southwest USA and Northwest Mexico share a power grid.

Running parallel to 1-10 and 1-8 on the other side of the border is Highway 2, rolling 3400 km from Tijuana to Matamoros.


USC Film School – in Los Angeles – Modeled after Paramount Studios.

A California Cultural and Culinary Icon.

Dec 16th
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The 1969 mile ( 3169 KM ) border between The United States and Mexico is the world’s busiest. These photos were taken on both ends- California/Baja California Norte and Texas/Tamaulipas-Nuevo Leon in 2002- before anti-immigrant hysteria took hold – creating the failed attempts to make the border the world’s most fortified.

Texas ( North ,upper photo) and Tamulipas , on the Rio Grande from the air.

The Sierra Madres north of Monterrey.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

World’s busiest trade corridor – $ 1 billion a day – Laredo.

Foot traffic – Laredo.

I-8 Yuma, Arizona.

Looking into Calexico,California from Mexicali, Baja California del Norte.

Mexico from California.

TJ- Tijuana.

Pacific Ocean – San Diego CA.

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The last two weeks have seen some of the worst media and government generated fear mongering since SARS- even from the US Vice President. The travel industry has been severely affected – especially airlines – just recovering from last year’s astronomical fuel prices.

In Mexico most adventure travel companies are small operations that depend very much on having full bookings all season. One or two cancellations could put them out of business – denying future adventurers from the same incredible experiences – climbing volcanoes, rafting in Veracruz State, whale watching in Baja, exploring newly discovered Maya ruins in Chiapas or fishing for Marlin in the Sea of Cortez .

Thankfully the US did not give in to total paranoia and close the border . ( That’s me above at the Laredo crossing a couple of years ago.) One of the explanations for flu fatalities in Mexico is that there is ready access to antibiotics without prescription -which are then used for the most minor colds. Consequently they don’t work when they are really needed.

Now is one of the best times to book flights to Mexico. Last week June departures from New York or Miami to Mexico City were as low as $190 RT ! Book now – by June the flu will be long forgotten !

ArcticTropic links to over 40 Mexican adventure destinations and packages. Click HERE to visit and book.

Dec 24th
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I have flown all over the world and often, when it is not cloudy or dark, I take shots from the plane. The Earth is fascinating from 35,000 feet ( and less). Even Google Earth doesn’t capture the reality of the real photograph. ArcticTropic has hundreds of such pictures on file. We welcome submissions from readers as well. Below – some assorted shots from the last few years:

Amazon River – November 2005.

Near Santiago,Cuba.

Northern Venezuela Coast.

El Popo – Mexico.

San Diego.

Lake Powell, Arizona/Nevada.

Near Monterrey NL, Mexico.

Rio Grande – Texas above,Mexico below.

Alps – France – Italy border.

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2008 saw several trips to the Far South. Above, a forest road in Southern Chile. In March.

Surf in Pichelemu, Chile. March.

Western Argentina highway – March.

Mexico – June.

El Popo Volcano – Mexico , June.

Pie de la Cuesta , Mexico – June.

Pie de la Cuesta , Mexico – June.

Jalapão, Tocantins,Brazil – August.

Jalapão, Tocantins,Brazil – August.

Rafting, Rio Novo ,Brazil – September.

Night forest fire,Jalapão, Tocantins,Brazil – September.

São Paulo,Brazil – September.

Andes crossing – Chile to Argentina – November.

Mendoza, Argentina – November.

Springtime – Mendoza, Argentina – November.

Cafayate, Argentina – November.

Salta, Argentina – November.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – November.

2009 plans include Asia and the Middle East.

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Adventure Travel in Latin America has just gotten 30 % cheaper in the last two weeks. Worldwide economic volatility has has caused flight to the US Dollar from many fearful investors in Latin America. As a result :

The Chilean Peso is now 622 to the Dollar. This compares to 390 earlier this year.

The Argentina Peso is pegged to the US Dollar, but has still slipped from 3 to 3.22 and probably will go lower.

The Mexican Peso was 10 to the Dollar a few weeks ago and is now 13.2 !

Most dramatically – the Brazilian Real was 1.5 to the dollar in August – and is now 2.2 – in effect – 50% more spending power for the US Dollar.

As a long dark and financially dreary winter takes hold in the North – now is the time to enjoy the incredible Nature, Sunshine and Adventure of Latin America. Book now on ArcticTropic Direct Booking.

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On Saturday morning we drove one of the world’s best highways – Autopista 95 – 368 kilometers from Mexico City to Acapulco. We started from Cuernavaca, about 85 km from the DF. Because of the very high cost – over $55 to drive the whole length – few people can afford to use it , making the Autopista seem like a private highway. From the high cold Metropolis, to tropical Pacific beaches , through mountains,forests and desert – the entire trip takes about 3 .5 hours ( many people drive at well over 160 kph ) as opposed to 8 hours on the free highway. Due to YouTube upload problems, this is a video of a video.

Calatrava style bridges over the arroyos.

An old,but daring standby – the Acapulco Cliff Divers – this man is diving from 155 feet. The divers pray to statues of The Virgin beforehand. Due to YouTube upload problems, this is a video of a video.

Waves smash into sea caves.

A sunset horseback ride on the beach at Pie De La Cuesta, where we stayed at the very excellent Hotel Casa Blanca – whom we hope soon will be an ArcticTropic partner once booking begins in two weeks.

Pictures and video by Nicholas Zuver.

has many adventure links in Mexico. Click HERE.

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On the morning of Friday the 13th we purchased a very detailed map book in order to follow obscure dirt roads through remote villages – in order to pass as close to Popocatépetl, the world’s highest active volcano 5,426 metres (17,802 ft). The mountain is currently off limits due to massive eruptions that spew 5 ton boulders in the air like popcorn.

Timeless Mexico.

The road to Cortes Pass. The paved road was closed years ago due to lava flows.

Entering Izta-Popo National Park.

The volcano erupts !

Intrepid Adventurers !

Strange local fauna.

Road closed due to lava flows.

Snow in June in Mexico ! As we came down the western side of Cortes Pass – there was snow on the side of the road from a passing thunderstorm !

Many photos here are taken by Nick Zuver. ArcticTropic provides links to over 35 Mexican Adventure destinations and will soon offer direct booking.

Jun 14th
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On Thursday morning a car was delivered to our hotel in Mexico City. After battling DF traffic for about an hour and a half, we were headed for Puebla on the Cuota – stopping for a late brunch in a high pass where the temperature was in the low 40s.

Puebla is very reminiscent of Spain. We explored the colonial churches and climbed Puebla Cathedral – a 400 year old tower that is 245 feet high. The tower is generally not open to the public – one must ask – it is a steep climb !

Hundreds of slippery steps !

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This morning we hired a car to take us out to Teotihuacan – seat of the Aztec Empire. Above is the Templo del Sol. The weather was brisk – 60 at best, with some cold showers – but great viewing.

If you’re out of shape – this climb is not for you!

Teotihuacan Panorama

A Nest of Ferocious Fireants !

In the footsteps of Montezuma and Cortez !

A young Conquistador at the Templo de La Luna.

A steep climb. 45 degree angle.

An Ancient Cat.

New Excavation.

Late in the afternoon we went to the Zocalo to watch the Army lower the giant flag before sunset . It was not to be – Communist agitators had gathered at the front of the Palacio Nacional to block the troops – hoping for a confrontation. Riot police were at the ready. There was no trouble, however – rain dispersed the crowd .

Posing with Indian marchers.

In Mexico’s Geographic Center.

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