Jun 12th

Mexico Adventure Boys

Blaine Zuver
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This morning we hired a car to take us out to Teotihuacan – seat of the Aztec Empire. Above is the Templo del Sol. The weather was brisk – 60 at best, with some cold showers – but great viewing.

If you’re out of shape – this climb is not for you!

Teotihuacan Panorama

A Nest of Ferocious Fireants !

In the footsteps of Montezuma and Cortez !

A young Conquistador at the Templo de La Luna.

A steep climb. 45 degree angle.

An Ancient Cat.

New Excavation.

Late in the afternoon we went to the Zocalo to watch the Army lower the giant flag before sunset . It was not to be – Communist agitators had gathered at the front of the Palacio Nacional to block the troops – hoping for a confrontation. Riot police were at the ready. There was no trouble, however – rain dispersed the crowd .

Posing with Indian marchers.

In Mexico’s Geographic Center.

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