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On the morning of Friday the 13th we purchased a very detailed map book in order to follow obscure dirt roads through remote villages – in order to pass as close to Popocatépetl, the world’s highest active volcano 5,426 metres (17,802 ft). The mountain is currently off limits due to massive eruptions that spew 5 ton boulders in the air like popcorn.

Timeless Mexico.

The road to Cortes Pass. The paved road was closed years ago due to lava flows.

Entering Izta-Popo National Park.

The volcano erupts !

Intrepid Adventurers !

Strange local fauna.

Road closed due to lava flows.

Snow in June in Mexico ! As we came down the western side of Cortes Pass – there was snow on the side of the road from a passing thunderstorm !

Many photos here are taken by Nick Zuver. ArcticTropic provides links to over 35 Mexican Adventure destinations and will soon offer direct booking.