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Medellín, the City of Eternal Spring. In The Tierra Temporada, the temperature rarely goes below 55 or above 85.

On the morning of January 22, 2022 , TotalAdventure left US territory for the first time in almost 2 years on a 3.5 hour flight from Miami to Medellín .

The US was in its’ last COVID panic phase, so it was great to get to a country where people were out enjoying life ! Saturday night was rocking !
Street Performers At Every Intersection.
High Above The Andean City.
Medellín Is Also Famous For Artist Francisco Botero
Medellín By Night.

After a great weekend – it’s time to head south to Cali and the Colombian Pacific.

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Columbia’s shoreline in the Pacific Ocean runs hundreds of miles from Panama to Ecuador, yet is only accessible by two roads. The coastline consists of sheer cliffs overgrown with dense jungle. It’s hardly a place for vacationers – the third rainiest place on Earth with over 300 inches per year.

An overnight in the desolate and rainy port of Buenaventura, in the District of Choco, in order to catch a ferry to a coastal ecolodge the next morning.

Narco Armies ,smuggling cocaine to American drug consumers, operate heavily in the region. Therefore it is heavily militarized. Here, a soldier standing guard at a fishing village checks his phone,

Low tide from my room. Tides are about 8 to 12 feet in the zone.

As you can see in the video, we were escorted by 5 soldiers on out jungle trek. After a refreshing swim in the Pacific, a boat takes us back to the Eco-Lodge.
M-16 At The Ready.
Pacific Sunset At 3 Degrees North Latitude
Back On The Mainland, I got a taxi from Buenaventura to Cali, where I enjoyed an excellent mid day feast. Above, Yuca con Morcilla.
Seafood Soup
Steak In A Cacao Sauce
From Cali, A 1.5 Hour Flight To Santa Marta on the Caribbean.
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TotalAdventure flew from Cali to Santa Marta – from the Pacific to the Atlantic in one day. Arriving in Santa Marta at night I had a swim in the pool, then off to the Old City for supper. Now a laid back tourist town – where the barren brown Andes meet the Caribbean – Santa Marta was the main trans shipment point for cocaine to Miami back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

In Santa Marta, I attempted to rent a 4X4 pickup tuck, but all that was available was a little eggbeater of some Kia sort of car. I then set off for the wilds of La Guajira.

Incredible Places To Eat Along The Highways. Vegan is often not option – just salad or rice and beans.
Fresh Grouper on the coast of La Guajira Peninsula.
A simple hotel room in San Juan del Cesar, $ 30 ( 120,000 Pesos) Per Night. Great AirCon and WiFi.
In the video you will see the journey through the desert. Life is hard in the Guajira – local people were selling a bitter fruit by the side of the road. I did buy some in support, but it was unpalatable and fed it to goats instead. La Guajira is one of the regions now safer to travel since the Peace Treaty was signed with FARC. FaRC is still active in scattered regions. TotalAdventure then drove through the Sierra Madres del Santa Marta back down to the Caribbean.
TheColombia Adventure ended in Cartagena, where I turned in the little Eggbeater and relaxed in the excellent rooftop pool of my hotel. It was my first time back since April,1988 when I was a reporter of the Trans Amazon Rallye. Check out the primitive but amazing website from 1995.
In a back street of the Ciudad Vieja.
Rooftop Pool – Great at the end of a long hot day.
Caribbean Sunset. To the West is Panama.
One day in Cartagena I went to meet an old family friend, the Artist Rafael Ortiz . Above, the artist in his studio.
Rafael Ortiz Art.

Rafael Ortiz Art.

The Artist directed this mural in a Barrio near the studio. To See more of Rafael’s work ,please visit his Instagram

After 11 Days in Colombia, TotalAdventure returned to Miami on the 2hour, 45 minute flight. flight – around the same time as to go to New York from Miami. Note the plane boards from both front and back – 15 minutes total as opposed to 45 minutes in the States.

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On the morning of 10/28/11 I travelled from São Paulo to Bogotá on my way home to Miami. The flight takes off from the second biggest city in the world, and within a couple of hours is flying over one of the most remote areas on the world.

Avianca’s twice daily A 340 flight is about 6 hours.

Vegans who want to save the world – guess what ? Soya farms are eating up the jungle !

Western Amazon.

Down below, Lost Tribes gaze up at the Big SIlver BIrd – too high for their poison arrows to hit.

The cloud cover thickened over the rain forest and we did not see anything the last two hours – missing views of the Colombian Andes until we landed at El Dorado Internacional.

Time to connect for Miami !

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“Wheels Up ” for the three hour commuter flight from Medellín to Miami. It’s a quick hop across the Caribbean, passing Jamaica and Cuba along the way.

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On Saturday morning a local friend took me for a drive through the countryside to her family’s finca – a dairy farm in La Unión , about 35 miles outside of Medellín. In the city , at 5000 feet, the temperature was near 80, at 9500 feet in the tierra fria, it was in the 50’s, but very sunny. Our first stop was in San Antonio at this church.

Mass in Colombia is the real thing, not the bland “lite” version so common in the United States.

The air is cool, but the hot equatorial sun has people on the shady side of the street.

A potato farmer carrying his goods. Andean potatoes are the best – hundreds of varieties.

Medellín – Flower Captial of the World

The finca was beautiful. Milking the old fashioned way makes a much better tasting product.

Afterwards we went for a great lunch – with some of the best bean soup I had ever tasted,chorizo,steak,rice,potatoes,and eggs and sodas – total price 14000 pesos – about $7.

Medellín on Google Earth @ 6 17 24.00 N 75 32 23.98 W

Jun 8th
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A little free time this afternoon to take a tour of downtown Medellín. Here is the work of the great native sculptor Fernando Botero. There will be more shots this weekend as I tour the Antioquia countryside.

Nearby Church.

Jun 6th
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I’m here in Colombia on a Trade Mission to promote ArcticTropic as a vehicle for promoting ecotourism and adventure travel here.

Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with almost every terrain and climate imaginable. Already, Europeans are visiting, and now its’ time for upscale,educated Americans to travel here – anywhere between three and five hours from most parts of the United States. I was in Bogotá earlier this week , and now in Medellin till next Monday. More pictures to come.