Jun 25th

Germany – Berlin

Blaine Zuver
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Berlin is just 4 hours from Nuremberg on a high speed bullet train across the former East Germany. The Brandenburg Gate, barricaded for years by the Soviets, is now where East and West unite.

The Reichstag is once again the seat of German Power , since the Capital returned to Berlin in 2000.

There is still a 100 meter section of the Wall. East and West are nearly indistinguishable in this area, but becomes more evident further East.

In memory of those who tried to escape.

A Communist World Clock in the Alexanderplatz.

The East German Secret Police, the Stasi, were charged with keeping an unwilling population within the clutches of Communism. All of East Germany was under survellance from everyone else- the watchers were watched by others. The Stasi prison located in Hohenschönhausen is a grim reminder of when the power of the state gets totally out of control. Hohenschönhausen itself, an area of East Berlin set aside for top Party officials and intelligence services did not even exist on maps.

There are hundreds of cells in the facility. Prisoners were held here for years for imagined and real crimes , including thoughtcrimes against the State. Interrogations went on for days at a stretch. The Stasi used very little physical torture , but they were experts at mental torture, achieving complete breakdowns in order to ge the desired confession. While the Berlin Wall fell in November,1989, prisoners here were not freed until Reunification Day on October 3,1990, finding out for the first time that the State for which so much of their lives had been wasted , existed no more.

Commie Hi-Tech.

THe Rubber Room. After several months in complete silence and darkness the victims were ready to confess to whatever crimes the Stasi told them to.

Vanished brand of a vanished nation.

In the former East Germany, on the way north from Munich to Berlin.