May 7th

Singapore Stopover

Blaine Zuver
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After 12 days in Myanmar, ArcticTropic returned to the United States. There was an 8 hour layover in Singapore. Customs is very quick and a colleague gave a tour around the dynamic City – Nation.

The food is excellent – a combination of all Asian cuisines . For dinner we dined at the exclusive Tanglin Club, a bastion of Empire Days.

The next leg was 12 hours to Frankfurt, with great views of Afghanistan, Iran and Ukraine in the middle of the night. A quick breakfast in Frankfurt then on to freezing New York. The temperature was 25 degrees ( -5 C) with a 40mph wind. I had no coat after being in Myanmar where it was 107 ( 43 C) . Finally there was a late night arrival in Miami and the Myanmar journey comes to an official end.

ArcticTropic’s next journey takes place in late May – to Moscow,Siberia,Mongolia,China and Japan.


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