Oct 23rd

San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina

Blaine Zuver
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San Juan is a great little city located about 160 km north of Mendoza. ArcticTropic was in town for morning meetings before heading to Calingasta, in the western part of the province. Having a few hours left before departure to the deserts , I decided to explore the city. THe first stop was Casa Sarmiento – the birthplace of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento who was President of Argentina from 1868 to 1874 and is credited with Argentina’s many modern advancements of the era.

Afterwards, a somber stop to memorialize the young soldiers who died fighting the British in the brief but bitter war in the Malvinas during the winter of 1982. Perhaps the antiaircraft gun above shot down a few Harriers.

A memorial plaque.

The Syrian-Lebanese Club . The Lebanese have always been one of the more successful groups in Argentina – including President Menem.

A view from  the 35 meter bell tower of the local cathedral.

Aguma – one of Argentina’s best wines. San Juan Province is rapidly gaining recognition as a new,exciting wine producing region. Aguma is not yet available in the USA.

Bife de Chorizo lunch at Las Lenas restaurant. Half a kilo !