Sep 2nd


Blaine Zuver
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On May 15th, I flew China Eastern from Hangzhou to Guangzhou. Guangzhou Airport is massive – it appeared several times bigger than  JFK or LAX. Cargo terminals make up most of that – almost anything one buys in a Home Depot or Pottery Barn or any other massive chain was made within 50 miles of Guangzhou. The city itself is massive – Manhattan coud fit into the corner of a smaller neighborhood. Above is the TV Tower – about 1480 feet.

Nearby is a tall Pagoda – dwarfed by theTV Tower.

The Pearl River from the TV Tower.

7:30 AM Monday May 16th. Primary schoolers stand for assembly , which includes patriotic songs, speeches by teachers , awards to students. In general these children are about 2 years ahead of American children in math and science.

The Shanghai Trade Fair Mart across the Pearl River.

CPU’s and keyboards en route to California.

It seems that all cheap souvenirs , tchachkes, bricabrac , momentos and swag are made in Guangzhou. These cups can be ordered by the container load at 20 cents a piece.