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Mar 10th
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INDIA INCOGNITO is a behind the scenes documentary shot by backpackers. This is the real India- not the tourist India -showing how people really live. To view it is experience India Incognito- noticing, but not being noticed.

Religious ceremonies, street life, music, and the every day bizarre bazaars are ongoing. The last part of the program explores the little known tribal areas of Eastern Orissa, including the murderous Bonda.

India Incognito was shot and produced in 1990. This is timeless India, however. Though upper caste society has modernized since then – these are scenes that have not changed for millennia and will continue the cycle for eternity.

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Scenes from the Second Class Hard Sleeper overnight train from Agra to Benares. These trains originally served as troop transport for the British Army in World War II. One of the rules on the train – everyone must wake up at 6 AM and fold up the beds! ArcticTropic will soon have many adventure trips throughout India – already there are several.