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On Sunday morning , May 8th. I flew from Miami to Newark to board Continental Flight 99 – a 16 hour, 8450 mile flight to Hong Kong. The flight took off at 3:25 PM . Five minutes later we were over Lower Manhattan.

Less than two hours and and a thousand miles later we were over Northern Quebec – still frozen in May.

After cloudy Baffin Land ( Nunavut ) we cross Greenland.

Northern Greenland – only a few hundred miles from the North Pole.

A Frozen fjord. Note last year’s icebergs trapped below. The local time is close to Midnight.

We cross the Arctic Ocean and fly over the North Pole. Sunday becomes Monday. Above shot is Northern Siberia on Monday afternoon.

Over the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Final approach to Chek Lap Kok.

Beautiful Tropical Monday evening landing.

After check- in to the hotel, off to explore the busting streets of Kowloon.

Kowloon Dance Hall.

Delicious Spicy Crab Dinner ! ArcticTropic is back on the ground in Asia !

Mar 3rd
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The Labrador Sea between Baffin Land and Greenland, as we head toward the
North Pole. The next shot is when we were back in daylight over the Laptev
Sea of the Arctic Ocean as the plane approaches the North Coast of

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Yesterday ( March 1) I arrived in Beijing after a 14 hour flight from
Newark. The flight plan was a bit different than reported earlier. After
takeoff, we went north through New England, over Maine, then Quebec and
Western Labrador. We then went out over the Davis Strait along the coast
of Baffin Land, then crossing over the Labrador Sea and Northwestern
Greenland – then over the Arctic Ocean and went directly over the North
Pole ! Then our Northward trajectory became South. Over the Laptev Sea
into Russian SIberia, for several hours, Then across Mongolia, past
Ulanbaatar. FInally we landed in Beijing bout 3 PM. Aerial photos will be
posted later.
Feb 10th
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On February 28th I will board Continental Flight 89 from Newark to Beijing ( EWR-PEK) . The 7000 mile flight takes almost 14 hours. I’ll leave at 12:15 PM on Sunday and land at 3:00 PM on Monday March 1st. The flight trajectory takes us up over the Hudson Valley, then Quebec,Hudson’s Bay, Nunavut and Baffin Land,before heading across the Arctic Ocean. The plane will come within 200 miles of the North Pole. From there ,North becomes South and we spend several hours crossing Siberia , then into Manchuria and finally into Beijing. Because the Equinox will be approaching,the flight will take place mostly in daylight or twilight,with a good possibility of encountering the Aurora Borealis.