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Oct 4th
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As mentioned in March, 2012 posts, TotalAdventure spent 1967 to 1969 in Heidelberg.  TotalAdventure has only visited twice until now – in 1983 and 2012;. In 2012, Mark Twain Village and Campbell Barracks, were off limits to non-Military personnel  due to 9/11 Security. Consolidation to Wiesbaden and Dortmund has led the Army to return bases to the German people, in many cases for the first time since the 1930s when the German Army requisitioned the same land. Right now Mark Twain Village is a Ghost Town, but will be a new housing area in about 3 years. TotalAdventure attended school on the base from 2nd though 4th grades.

Schloß Heidelberg by night.

Alte Brücke by night.

TotalAdventure’s  home base in Heidelberg. Temperature was 95 ( 35 C) but air conditioning has not yet been installed.

The Castle by day.

Home from 1967 to 1969.

Alte KIrche in Handschuhsheim.

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Heidelberg, called Germany’s most beautiful city by Winston Churchill, was spared the vicious bombing raids received by other unarmed, militarily non-strategic cities at the end of the War. As a result its’ Old City is intact, almost unchanged since the 16th century. It is here where the Director of ArcticTropic lived as a young boy ( Father was transferred here from New York ) and where fascination with travel developed. Above is the Castle, Schloß Heidelberg.

One of the Castle’s turrets, destroyed by the French in the mid 18th century. Much of the castle is still intact and houses a winery, a restaurant and a museum.

The Alte Brücke, built across the Neckar in 1587.

The Alte Kirche , St.Vitus, in Handschuheim. Built in the 12th century, the church retains it’s original clock.

The Boyhood Home of the ArcticTropic Director at Bergstraße 69.

The Hotel Ritter, where we stayed. Very centrally located, built in 1400. Only drawback – the € 10 per day wifi is also slow and ancient.

Spring Sunset over the Old City and the Neckar.



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Only 20 minutes and 2 Euros by train from Heidelberg is the ancient river town of Neckarsteinach, The town is home to 4 castles towering above the River.THe castles were built between 1100 and 1400. Two of them are occupied by families, and two are in their more original ruined,yet climbable state.

A 14th Century Wine Cellar.

Down the Well.

High above the Neckar in Neckarsteinach.

Two days later we were on our way back Stateside on the Lufthansa A380, nonstop from Frankfurt to Miami in 9.5 hours. Even the cattle class on the lower decks was quite pleasant. The plane has the feel of being on a ship in the air. First Class seats only 9 people.