Oct 30th

TotalAdventure NFT

Blaine Zuver
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TotalAdventure.Travel curates and creates the most amazing experiences the world has to offer. Travel is an art – it is a way of life – as the late Anthony Bourdain taught the world.

We also are sharing and selling travel experiences – now available on OpenSea

For .777 ETH , one can own and experience the Marching Men of Tiananmen in perpetuity.

TotalAdventure is also creating Travel NFTs – NiftyTT or NFT-TT – Unique Total Travel Experiences – including any one of our 3000 adventures in over 100 countries, air travel, accommodations , restaurants, guide services ,sports, directions and funds needed during the experience. The experiences will be blockchained , executed n Ethereum and transmited in QR for all interactions throughout the trip.

For further information ; travel@totaladventure.travel