Sep 5th

Almaty Kazakhstan

Blaine Zuver
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From Samarkand Uzbekistan, TotalAdventure went by automobile to Tashkent where we boarded Air Uzbekistan for the 90 minute flight to Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan . There will soon be a brief video of our three day stay while we prepared for .our Kyrgyzstan Adventure. Above is Zenkov Cathedral. Almaty remains a very Russian city.

Architecture is reminiscent of Siberia, just a few thousand kilometers to the North.

Soviet style coal plants in the distance. Our air was clean, but it can get dirty in winter.

A Kazakh Government Ministry Building.

Horse Kebab ! Very tasty and low fat.

The surrounding region is arid steppe, with the snowy Tien Shan Mountain range nearby. This article will be updated soon, with more information and a short video. To read about TotalAdventure’s voyage across Central Asia, read the following articles on Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.