Feb 17th

South and West of Sydney

Blaine Zuver
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On February 15th ArcticTropic rented a car – a Holden Barina and headed south to Jervis Bay, about 250 km from the city. Once beyond the metro areas, Australia is a beautiful and nearly empty land. Kangaroos are a common part of the landscape and while looking friendly they can give intruders quite a stomping.

Prince’s Highway stretches 1250 km from Sydney to Melbourne.

Beautiful beachfront property near Jervis Bay Territory. No hurricanes in this part of the world.

Isolated beaches everywhere.

In the Snowy Mountains ( where is snows from June to September ) near Mt. Kosciuszko, highest mountain in Australia. The Eucalyptus forest smells wonderful.

Crossing from New South Wales into Victoria State.

Kangaroo – It’s What’s For Dinner. Very healthy lean meat. Delicious too !


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