Jun 25th

Germany – Heidelberg

Blaine Zuver
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Heidelberg, called Germany’s most beautiful city by Winston Churchill, was spared the vicious bombing raids received by other unarmed, militarily non-strategic cities at the end of the War. As a result its’ Old City is intact, almost unchanged since the 16th century. It is here where the Director of ArcticTropic lived as a young boy ( Father was transferred here from New York ) and where fascination with travel developed. Above is the Castle, Schloß Heidelberg.

One of the Castle’s turrets, destroyed by the French in the mid 18th century. Much of the castle is still intact and houses a winery, a restaurant and a museum.

The Alte Brücke, built across the Neckar in 1587.

The Alte Kirche , St.Vitus, in Handschuheim. Built in the 12th century, the church retains it’s original clock.

The Boyhood Home of the ArcticTropic Director at Bergstraße 69.

The Hotel Ritter, where we stayed. Very centrally located, built in 1400. Only drawback – the € 10 per day wifi is also slow and ancient.

Spring Sunset over the Old City and the Neckar.