Nov 11th

Eastern Europe At The Fall of Communism – Czechoslovakia – Part 1

Blaine Zuver
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Prague, October,1990.  A beautiful Indian Summer day. The Velvet Revolution is still less than a year old. Cezechoslovakia is still one country – the “Velvet Divorce ” took place in January,1993.  This timeless scene, on Karlova Most could have been from 1968 in almost any part of Western Europe. However , 1968 in Prague was the time of bloody Soviet repression to retaliate for a brief experiment with freedom. Finally, more than 20 years later, the freedom of the 1960’s could be celebrated. This group was singing long-forbidden Beatles songs.

Freedom of Expression. This was before the Yugoslavian Wars.

One of Communism’s benefits – no ugly signs on historical facades.

While his country is now free – One man voluntarily gives up his freedom !