Jun 15th


Blaine Zuver
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In Days of Old ( the 1960’s and 1970’s) Afghanistan was a popular stopover on the overland Hippie Trail from Europe to India. Many an ancient hipster can still rave ( if he or she can remember) about spending days or weeks in the opium dens and hash houses of Kabul, while en route to Cosmic Enlightenment in Goa.

All that came crashing down in 1979 with the Soviet Invasion, the subsequent war, then the Taliban and now the simmering war between many of the world’s forces gathered along the Pakistan border.

Afghanistan is open for limited tourism once again. In general the North and West are said to be safer. ArcticTropic has two locations/providers in Afghanistan at the moment – below our usual minimum of three per country. We welcome further posts and pictures about Afghanistan. The above video is courtesy of the videographer who posted it on YouTube.