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Jul 7th
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At long last ArcticTropic is posting. We have been in a very remote area of Mongolia for the past 5 days,with no internet access, much less electricity. Our Mongolian Adventure , with Tour Mongolia began after an overnight train trip from Beijing. We also have great video which will be posted when there is adequate bandwidth.

Home for two days, with a nomad family. Gers ( yurts) are comfortable houses for the summer, when herding takes place.

The diet is almost entirely meat based. Usually lamb,goat or beef, but on this day Marmot is served !

In the nearby town the summer festival of Naadam was observed.

Horse racing took place all day.

Marmot is a local delicacy.

Camel riding is another form of transport. This brief post will be added to soon, as we are now preparing for a morning trip to Shanghai.